What is a Pedorthic Device?

Harlon Compton, was the first Oklahoman too become a Board Certified Pedorthist in 1973. He completed molded shoe making studies in 1984, and has been fitting and making shoes since 1970 to present time. He was the first Pedorthist to put on shoes under the TSB (Therapeutic Shoe Bill) in Oklahoma starting in May, 1993.

Mr. Compton has developed the first associate degree in Pedorthic in the nation at OSU-Okmulgee. He is on several boards that are trying to improve pedorthic and patient service.

We strive for Excellence in our skills and knowledge to help provide to the at-risk person who is experiencing foot discomfort, the opportunity to maintain the desired life style through footwear and orthotic technology. - Harlon Compton, C.Ped.,BOCO,M.Ed.

What is a Pedorthist?

A "Pedorthic Device" means therapeutic shoes, shoe modifications made for therapeutic purposed, partial foot prostheses and custom made orthoses, inserts, inlays or variants thereof or nontherapeutic accommodative footwear, regardless of method of manufacture, unmodified over-the-counter shoes, or prefabricated foot care products.

At Compton Orthopedic Service

We are dedicated to improving foot function and comfort with therapeutic shoes, custom shoes, custom foot orthotics, and shoe modifications.

whether you have :

  • Tired achy feet or a diagnosed medical conditions of the foot.
  • Your own shoes you want to enhance for comfort.
  • Needing new shoes to do a better job for you

We can help with a individualized solution to help you feel more comfortable on your feet.

A "pedorthist" is a person who measures, designs, fabricates, fits or services pedorthic devices and assist in the formulation of the order of pedorthic devices as prescribed by a licensed physician, licensed podiatrist, or chiropractor for the support or correction of disability condition of the foot and ankle.